Immigration Reform Under the Trump Administration
Thursday, February 15 | 11 a.m.–12 p.m. EST

While immigration has long been a focus of debate in Washington, Donald Trump made it a signature issue during his presidential campaign. As he reiterated during his State of the Union address, the topic remains central to his administration's agenda. In recent weeks, this debate has only intensified: On January 25th, the administration released its proposal to fund a US-Mexico border wall in exchange for protections for DACA “Dreamers.” A few days later, it announced it would allow some refugees into the US — after subjection to tough vetting procedures. In this webinar, National Journal analysts will discuss the most pressing questions in the immigration debate:

  • How has the administration approached legal immigration reform?
  • What’s going on with the travel ban?
  • What’s the status of DACA, and what might happen to DACA recipients?
  • How has Mexico-US border security shaped partisan debate?
  • What immigration legislation has been proposed in Congress?
  • How will the debate over immigration factor into the midterm elections?
Join National Journal Presentation Center analysts Alistair Taylor, Madelaine Pisani, Taryn MacKinney and Shruthi Ashok on February 15th to discuss these issues, and to get answers to your questions about immigration in the United States.