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Comprehensive Election and Politics Coverage

Get the news, data, and insider analysis you need to stay on top of the races that matter most to you.

NJ Hotline

Our one-stop shop for independent elections news and analysis.

Hotline’s Wake-Up Call: Hotline’s morning tipsheet on the latest elections news. Delivered each weekday morning.
Hotline’s Latest Edition: Hotline’s daily digest on state and national campaign news. Delivered each weekday afternoon.
Hotline Power Hour: Enter Hotline’s virtual newsroom for a monthly webinar covering the latest elections updates including interactive audience Q&A.

Charlie Cook

Weekly recaps and analysis from Charlie Cook, one of the industry’s preeminent voices.

The Latest from Charlie Cook: Charlie Cook gives his take on the week’s political environment in a weekly newsletter. Delivered Tuesdays and Fridays.

Cook Catch Ups: Join Charlie Cook and special guests for a biweekly recap with his latest outlook on the political landscape with live audience Q&A. These exclusive events are open to your staff, members, and PAC contributors.

Presentation Center

A library of editable slides on elections and politics to help you stay updated and communicate news about Washington, DC to your stakeholders, including:

• Cook Political Report Rankings

• 2022 Election Polling
• Political Media Spending
• Voting Reform Overviews
• State Redistricting Profiles

Redistricting Hub

A one-stop shop for exclusive analysis from our Hotline and Presentation Center teams that will help you track and communicate the impact of redistricting on the 2022 elections.

Each state has a dedicated page detailing the specific redistricting process, compiled profiles, analysis, and the latest news, and insight into what states stand to change the most in redistricting.

The Hub is updated in real time to track the latest news.

Race Tracker

Data, insights, and visualizations covering all national, congressional, and gubernatorial races for the current election cycle, plus historical data from recent years.

This tool provides all of the FEC and campaign finance data you need, compiled in an easy-to-digest, downloadable format.