Understanding the Opioid Epidemic

The toll the opioid crisis is taking on the US is clear. Nevertheless, congressional leaders and the administration have been unable to come to a consensus on how to fight it.

In this webinar, we examined the possible causes of the crisis, took a look at recent and upcoming actions to address it, and answered the following key questions:

  • What actions are federal agencies like the FDA, NIH, CDC, SAMHSA, and VA taking to curb opioid addiction?
  • How have the hardest-hit states responded to the sharp uptick in opioid overdoses?
  • Which potential legislative fixes are most important to watch in the coming months?
  • How has the opioid crisis impacted the broader US economy?
Download our webinar replay to hear an in-depth discussion of recent trends, federal and state actions, and how the opioid crisis became one of the most pressing public health issues facing the country.