Midterm Election Preview
October 18th | 11 a.m. EST

With the midterms just weeks away, both parties are gearing up for an election that might propel Democrats to a majority in one or both chambers—or might not.

In today's polarized political environment, over half of voters report being more energized now than in past elections, and pundits' predictions have fluctuated widely. Democrats currently outdo Republicans in generic polling, and Trump's approval ratings remain low, but will these factors hold?

In this webinar, we tackle these issues with a discussion of the following questions:
  • How can history teach us about midterm trends and wave elections?
  • What’s the current state of Senate, House, and gubernatorial races?
  • Which strategies have Democrats and Republicans brought to the campaign trails?
  • What do the polls—and fundraising numbers—suggest?
  • What’s at stake for both parties, and which priorities might play out post-election?
Watch National Journal Presentation Center analysts Taryn MacKinney, Nicholas Wu, Alice Johnson, and Jacob Arnett give an in-depth review of the state of the 2018 midterm elections.