Charging Ahead: The Rise of Electric Vehicles
Thursday, November 16 | 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. EST

The electric vehicle (EV) industry continues to innovate and expand, buoyed by recent announcements from France, India and other countries of ambitious goals to phase out the use of gasoline- and diesel-powered engines over the coming decades. In the US, Tesla has set the pace for the development of EVs—garnering considerable media attention in the process. Other manufacturers have followed suit with their own ventures, creating an increasingly competitive market that has helped to drive down the cost of what was once a luxury price point product.

In this webinar, we’ll examine the industry’s history, development and future, and address the following key questions:
  • Who are the major players and policymakers in this area?
  • Which policies have fostered the industry’s growth so far, and which state and federal actions could help—or hinder—its development going forward?
  • How will the Trump administration’s deregulatory drive impact the development of EVs in the US? 
  • How feasible are the ambitious goals laid out by countries like France and India, and what’s the likelihood that a similar target could be set in the US?
Join National Journal Presentation Center analysts Claire Carter, Taryn MacKinney, and Alistair Taylor, as well as National Journal Energy and Environment Correspondent Brian Dabbs, for an in-depth discussion on electric vehicles, the current state of play in the US market and what to expect moving forward.