Artificial Intelligence: Regulation and Government
August 16th | 11 a.m. EST

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to have a major and potentially transformative impact on society (akin to that of the internet), changing the way we collect, analyze, and use data to make decisions. But the technology also raises several important issues, from privacy, security, and manipulation, to the future of work: all of which greatly affect government and regulation.

In this webinar, we’ve assessed the current state of play in AI and answered the following key questions:

  • Who is investing in AI and how is the technology being used by different industries?
  • What ramifications is it likely to have for government, regulation, and public policy?
  • How are Congress and the executive branch approaching AI?
  • What does the public think of it?

Join National Journal Presentation Center analysts Shruthi Ashok, Taryn MacKinney, and Alistair Taylor, as well as National Journal Technology Correspondent Brendan Bordelon, for an in-depth look at the issues surrounding AI, regulation, and government.