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Navigating the 2020 Elections

Resources to help you navigate the presidential race
and every House, Senate, and gubernatorial election.

Download Your 2020 Election Resources

2020 From Start to Finish







Prepare for pre-election briefings and planning conversations with your PAC, board, senior leadership, members, or clients. 

  • Custom election newsletters
  • Scenario Planners for various election outcomes
  • 2020 Race Tracker dashboard and alerts
  • Campaign Staff Overviews







Support on Election Day and immediately after to analyze the results and communicate outcomes to your stakeholders.

  • Custom Day After Election deck with key takeaways
  • Exclusive Day After Election event hosted by Charlie Cook
  • Profiles of all new members
  • Federal and state election dashboards







Explain the election’s impact on your industry and preview what to expect with a new administration or in Trump’s second term.

  • 2021 Legislative Forecasts by industry
  • PAC ROI and Win-Rate Report
  • New committee membership and leadership changes
  • PAC and Government Affairs Annual Reports
  • Administration Transition Overview or Guide to Trump’s Second Term

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